A return visit to the Diocese of Kitale, Kenya

At the beginning of March the Diocese of Kitale held its second Rooted in Jesus training conference, building on ministry which has taken place in the diocese since the introductory conference held two years ago. The conference was hosted by Bishop Emmanuel Chemengich and Rooted in Jesus coordinator Revd Tarus Kirionon, and led by an international team of five Rooted in Jesus trainers from the US, UK and Kenya.

Revd Geoff Maughan leads a prayer workshop

Team leader Revd Richard Morgan reports:

“195 clergy and lay leaders from the diocese  gathered for a three-day conference. Some had already been running Rooted In Jesus discipleship groups since we introduced  the course two years ago, but most were new leaders.

“Each day we gathered for worship and main session teaching on the principles of the course, and we then broke into small  groups to give leaders a chance to practise leading sessions and receive some feedback. In the afternoon we ran workshops on various skills of small group leadership, and the day ended with an encouragement and a time of ministry.

“There was good feedback from existing groups. Two high school boys and six high school girls had come to faith in two of the groups. Many groups found that people began to engage in ministry in their parish and one parish saw discipleship healing relationships across divisions in the community.

“Our prayer is for God to use this course to move people from being passive believers to active disciples of Jesus Christ in every parish of the Diocese of Kitale.”


There were some particularly encouraging moments –

  • Team member Peter Needle writes: “I prayed for a person who wanted to be filled with the spirit but wanted healing as well. We prayed for her to be filled first and then I asked what healing she needed and she replied ‘I don’t need it anymore.’ God had sorted it out while I prayed for her to be filled!”
  • Team member Edward Akhwale observes: “The organization on the ground was very good. The participants were able to actively participate, enjoy and learn. May  our Father God bless this ministry.”
  • Team member Geoff Maughan reflects: “I loved leading workshops outside under the shade of the trees in the Cathedral compound!  Surrounded by about 60 people all in small groups trying out different ways of praying together felt quite wonderful.”

The conference was followed by a one day training session for local facilitators, so that each of the seven archdeaconries would be self sufficient and able to meet ongoing training needs. The focus was on encouraging and supporting existing groups, developing good practice in identifying and recruiting new leaders, and identifying ways of running local training sessions in archdeaconries.

The week concluded on Sunday with a magnificent diocesan Thanksgiving Service in the cathedral, attended by over two thousand people. Richard was honoured to be invited to preach, and to pray with local politicians as they prepare for the forthcoming elections.

Conference video report

Richard has put together a short video with key moments from the conference – introduced by a group who composed a brand new song to the words of one of the memory verses:

Watch a short video presentation by Richard Morgan

Looking ahead

Bishop Emmanuel concludes:

“We praise the Lord Jesus for the successful RinJ leaders conference. Pray with us that Christ’s grace will abide with the newly trained leaders so they move with urgency and passion to establish RinJ groups across the Diocese, and for the existing leaders to be re-energized and keep pressing on with this vital discipleship program for growing our members to be more and more like Jesus.”

Can you help us?

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Posted 24th March 2022