Rooted in Jesus Annual Report 2021

We have just published the Rooted in Jesus Annual Report for 2021. It was another challenging year, with the Covid19 pandemic not only causing illness and death but also preventing fellowship, travel, and in many places the generation of income. Churches across Africa have been particularly hard hit, with news coming in of famine, armed raids, enforced exile and war, as well as increased poverty and lack of resources related to the pandemic itself.

And yet thanks to the courage and persistence of our partners there was much to be thankful for too. Rooted in Jesus conferences went ahead in DR Congo, Tanzania, Madagascar, South Sudan and Uganda, and the first Zoom conferences were held in South Africa. In many places we learned that the Rooted in Jesus groups had been able to meet even when churches were closed, some in person, some online. People came to faith in Madagascar, Mozambique and Uganda and joined new groups set up to disciple them, and another new parish was inaugurated for families recruited through Rooted in Jesus Junior in Madagascar. Here in the UK a final book was added to the adult programme, and translations of the existing booklets commissioned and completed in twelve languages.

From then to now – Rooted in Jesus crosses a new threshold

2021 was a significant milestone for us : Rooted in Jesus completed its twentieth year of ministry! During that time it has been introduced to 100 Anglican dioceses or denominational networks, trained 17,558 leaders in 142 conferences in 18 African countries, and provided materials in 48 languages. Often it’s been the first discipleship programme people have ever had, and almost always the first in their own language.

There have of course been many ups and downs on the way. Not all those leaders have been successful, and the ravages of war, cyclones, famines and poverty continue to make life very difficult in some of the areas where we minister. But we continue to sow seeds wherever we are asked to go, and we have seen wonderful things happen too – thousands coming to Christ, embarking on ministry, impacting their communities, planting new churches and even dioceses. It’s been a humbling journey, and one which we look forward to continuing in the years to come.

Rooted in Jesus is published and supported by The Mathetes Trust. The full report can be downloaded from the Rooted in Jesus website here.

Posted 20th February 2022