‘An inconvenient situation’ : Making new disciples in the midst of armed conflict

The Diocese of Kadugli is located in the troubled South Kordofan region of Sudan, parts of which are still dominated by tribal and political conflict, widespread oppression and random killings. Many people have been forced to flee their homes, and entire areas are still under the control of armed rebel units; as if this were not hard enough, the last year has brought the added fear of Covid infection. Diocesan Secretary and Rooted in Jesus coordinator Babuj Simon described all this in his end of year report as an ‘inconvenient situation.’

And yet in the midst of all this, pastors and lay leaders have continued to disciple people using the Arabic Rooted in Jesus booklets given to them in October 2019. Last year they held a listening day for group leaders and another of prayer and fasting, and reduced the size of the groups to make meeting easier. Some groups were able to complete the first book and move on to the second; a group of children achieved a 100% success rate in learning the memory verses, as their elderly leader struggled valiantly to teach them. “It was very hard for me to keep the verses, then recite them to the kids as I’m an old woman, but what I kept I passed to them and the children were very clever, and I succeeded to deal with them,” Zahara Kachou said, with justifiable pride.

Renewing faith in El-Dalang

Babuj has just sent us another report, following a visit to the parish of El-Dalang, where he found that some even more remarkable progress has been made. Pastor Hassan has encouraged the formation of four Rooted in Jesus groups and a new hymn team, he says; each group has two leaders, and some also include children. The hymn team, led by Rooted in Jesus leader Asmohan Abdullah, has brought a revitalisation of church services, and this is encouraging more people to join the groups.

Muslim people raise their hands to ask for prayer for healing in Salara

‘There has been no church here for more than fifty years’

But Babuj’s most remarkable news comes from his visit to Salara, a village in a rebel-controlled area some 40km from Ed-Dalang. It is, he says, an inaccessible area unless you get special permission for entrance. 99% of the inhabitants are Muslim and 1% Christian or non-believers. Five members of Rooted in Jesus spent three days in Salara, declaring the name of Jesus Christ. Babuj continues:

“Salara has one of the oldest churches in Nuba Mountains, as reported by some of inhabitants there, first established in 1917. But due to the islamization policies and the former government policy toward the Churches they forced the Christians who were there to become Muslims and destroyed its church. I visited the place, but the building is still standing and used as a college. There has been no church in the place for more than fifty years.

Pastor Hassan Sudan shows the newly built church in Salara and the bombed former church guest house

“What has happened when our Rooted in Jesus member Pastor Hassan Sudan visited the place after his declaration last year to go there, the local government have given him a separate place to establish a church. However the very few believers there know nothing about Christianity, even how to pray; but they helped pastor Hassan in finding the new place, which is near to the main road.

“What is good is that some of the local government individuals there are so enthusiastic for the church to be built, as well very cooperative, that they asked the mosque administration to provide us with a carpet to sleep and sit on, as well as collecting some chairs from the houses.

“Even three of them accepted Christian faith on the last day. And they were baptized two days ago when I was there during our service. They are the head of the religious institution, the head of the intelligence and security in the district, and one of the teachers, whose wife was baptized as well. This happened due to the healing power of prayer done by the group. In all, twenty-two people were baptized that day.

The newly baptized believers of Salara

“A group of hymn team members from El-Dalang and El-Obied town, Pastor Abdo from Elfaw town and a preacher from Khartoum served God with me for three days, visiting widowers and orphans, supporting them by some gifts. The hymn team was composed of different youths from the local Church denominations in El-Dalang and El-Obied; our total number was 20 people, twelve of whom are Anglicans: five Rooted in Jesus members and seven youth leaders in El-Dalang Church who are in the newly estalished Rooted in Jesus youth group headed by Asmohan, the Rooted in Jesus team leader.  

“My sincere thanks to Pastor Hassan Sudan, Rooted in Jesus Leader in Salara, and for his Coordination and facilitation to enable the team to get in; and my thanks to the local Administration for their access permission. And the rest of the team, I do recommend your hand, prayer and support for the service of God in Salara district. May our heavenly father be glorified.”

Rooted in Jesus team members pray for healing in Salara

A team from Kadugli’s link UK diocese of Salisbury led a Rooted in Jesus training conference in October 2019, at the invitation of Bishop Hassan Osman.

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Posted 6th April 2021