Rooted in Jesus goes to the Diocese of Maseno South in Kenya

In October 2014 a team led by Revd John Guest travelled to Kisumu at the invitation of Bishop Francis Abiero and Captain Joshua Opondo to introduce Rooted in Jesus to the Diocese of Maseno South.

Team leader John Guest relaxes with new friends

Team leader John Guest relaxes with new friends

John Guest reports that “The Lord was greatly glorified during our conference and there were many miracles of grace, healing and renewal. Worship was ably led by a small team of young people and Joshua gave a strong lead to his colleagues. There is enormous potential for growth and development if those who attended get the right encouragement.” Joshua Opondo, a diocesan mission coordinator who has himself been on a number of RinJ teams, wrote that “Your sense of humour was just of great healing to us, God just did His best to choose the best for us and everyone still talks about all of you. After the Conference, word has spread all over of this course and people are just waiting to see its impact. It’s my prayer that the seed will bear abundant fruit.” Groups have already started: “At the Cathedral groups have been formed already especially the youths.I had a meeting with them yesterday and are working on the best day for all the groups and even thinking of two starting with the confirmation class that is starting next Saturday.” You can read the full report here.

For team member Revd Tudor Roberts this was his first trip to Africa. Afterwards he reflected:

High Points

  • I loved giving talks and then seeing the Healing prayer ministry flow out of that, and it was great to see lives transformed and words of Knowledge that seemed to go straight home to the people I prayed for.
  • I loved actually using the R in J books Part 1 with a group and seeing the Kenyans grapple with the issues
  • I loved going out on Lake Victoria.
  • I loved being with children and with the Curates and youth Leaders who have so much energy.
  • I loved being amongst poor people and seeing them respond to the love of God.
  • I loved taking a motorbike taxi and feeling I didn’t have a care in the world.
  • I loved singing and dancing with the Kenyans.
  • I loved praying as a team and wished we could have done more of this.
  • I really liked our Kenyan Hosts Joshua and Asher.
  • I got on with the team members and John was a real leader.

Learning points to bring home

  • More confidence in preaching
  • More readiness to say ‘Come Holy Spirit’ and watch what happens
  • Be less materialistic
  • Renewed will to care pastorally with more planning and compassion
  • My gift is in teaching and I returned to teach the Diocesan course Exploring Christianity for the next 2 years.

Other news from around Africa

News continues to come in from Zambia, where Dignity Worldwide has now planted 179 Life! groups, numbering some 3500 people; these groups use Rooted in Jesus alongside Dignity’s Love your Village material. The report says “We are seeing people and communities achieve more than they ever thought possible. We are seeing grass-roots development projects springing up, inspired by and responding to the needs within communities.” To read the full report click here.

In the Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo, Diocesan Coordinator Stephane Makata has sent photographs of the first group members receiving certificates on completion of Book 1 as they are ordained deacon. Each will now start his own group in the village where is to minister. Stephane continues to visit the groups in the various deaneries of Lumbumbashi – he has sent reports on 29 groups so far.

Deacons receive their Rooted in Jesus certificates

Deacons receive their Rooted in Jesus certificates

We continue to pray for all those using Rooted in Jesus, particularly the Diocesan Coordinators for whom the task of properly supporting the group leaders, often scattered over very wide distances, is a great challenge. We are grateful to all who have supported Rooted in Jesus in prayer or finance, or by travelling on teams, over the last few months. If you would like to learn more about how to get involved with Rooted in Jesus please visit our website.

Posted 28th October 2014 by Revd Dr Alison Morgan