Giving thanks – autumn news from Rooted in Jesus

We have a number of things to rejoice over at the moment, as we continue to watch the Lord at work in people’s lives.

A consecration

Consecration of Bishop James Almasi

Consecration of Bishop James Almasi

We were delighted to learn earlier this year that Canon James Almasi was elected to succeed Patrick Mwachiko as the Bishop of the Diocese of Masasi in Tanzania. James is one of two Regional Coordinators for RinJ in Tanzania, working with Bishop Stanley Hotay and fellow coordinator Canon Jacob Robert to support dioceses using RinJ and lead teams to those wishing to introduce it. James has been closely involved with the development of Rooted in Jesus Junior in particular, helping to pilot it in Masasi. I wasn’t able to attend his consecration, but Rooted in Jesus was formally represented by Jonathan Rendall, and Revd Dr Linnet Smith was also able to be present. We are delighted that James will continue in his role with Rooted in Jesus alongside his diocesan responsibilities. Jonathan stayed on to offer some RinJ Junior training to Sunday School teachers in Masasi and Mpindimbi, with about 50 people attending from a number of different parishes.

Encouraging news continues to arrive from other dioceses. Diocesan Coordinator Emmanuel Rubuye writes from the Diocese of Tabora that the groups in the parish of Isevya have now completed book 1. He reports that Group leaders are growing in knowledge of the word of God, and group members are becoming more open and confident, and now regularly share what they have received from the group in meetings.

Training has been ongoing in the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, through a series of deanery training days run by Charles Unjiro and Linnet Smith. Linnet reports: “Two groups of evangelists met and learned how to use Rooted in Jesus with great enthusiasm; the Diocesan Coordinator Charles Unjiro led the days extremely well and the clergy concerned committed themselves to following up the seminars and helping the evangelists to develop new Rooted in Jesus groups. I [also] had the joy of presenting certificates to 25 children who have competed RinJ Junior Book 1. And during the service a teenager who attends the nearby Diocesan School was baptized. She came to know the Lord at school; her Muslim father made no objection to her baptism and even attended the service – praise the Lord!!”

News from DR Congo and Uganda

Coordinator James Mayundo writes from the Diocese of Katanga, DRC, where he oversees groups in the missionary area of Kalemie: “The groups are gathered and members come together for studying, teaching, and meditating on the Holy scriptures.We are attaining to bear fruit in the future to build up the Church. Because the conference that was led by the Team from UK in Kalemie gathered different Denominations, in fact, we are receiving enough testimonies:
1. People in their Church get to be built up in faith.
2.The number of people who attend those Denominations is increasing.
3.The groups are led to fruit new members and love of the church members is becoming greater.
The problems that we bring to you so that you can pray for and succour us is about the peace in Congo and the fear that we feel always; the rebellion that acts in different area of Congo. The polygamy sometime becomes a problem for believers to be giving them selves to GOD. Poverty leads people not to live in peace and always have a forlorn look and dim face.”

A group in Kalemie, Diocese of Katanga

A group in Kalemie, Diocese of Katanga

Coordinator Joyce Asaba writes from the Diocese of Bunyoro Kitara, Uganda: “I am glad to give you a report from the Parishes of Kyabigambire, Buraru and Nyamirima. In Kyabigambire Parish there are 3 groups with 42 members, in Buraru Parish they have 6 groups with 70 members and in Nyamirima Parish, they have 2 groups with 24 members. All the groups have received Book 2 and have started it except Nyamirima which is still finishing Book 1. Members have testified about learning scriptures and learning how to pray, and some people’s prayer lives have been revived and lives changed, plus miracles happening when they pray. Leaders have identified new leaders from among those who finished book one and are also helping to lead.”

Personal testimonies

It is always wonderful to hear of the way in which people’s lives are touched, sometimes when they least expect it.

  • UK team member Peter Silverwood has sent us this testimony : “For some 30 years I have suffered with a hiatus hernia which imposes severe limits on the food that I can eat. No fat, no sugar, no fruit, no fish – the list is a long one. I have taken daily medication for the condition for many years and take a double dose when I am away from home. On this trip, living out of a suitcase, I managed to lose a quantity of tablets and asked the team for prayer. We asked the Lord not only for help managing without medication but for complete healing. From that day onward I stopped taking medication and have now been without for over 8 weeks. I would say that I am substantially healed and am able to eat very many foods that previously I could not. I still get the occasional bad day, probably because I have been too adventurous, but I would estimate a 90% recovery. My brothers and sisters at St Mary’s and I are continuing in prayer towards a complete healing and I give thanks and praise to God for his grace and power. I am now able to eat in restaurants and so can take my wife and family out socially much more easily, which is such a blessing. Praise the Lord!”

    Peter Silverwood (R) and the S Rwenzori team

    Peter Silverwood (R) and the S Rwenzori team

  • In the Diocese of Kigali, Rwanda, testimonies from the recent RinJ conference include these: “One young man was attacked by robbers 3 months ago, he had been left with lasting pain in the left side of his head and unable to shake his head. Doctors told him it was irreparable. Last night in the ministry time he was healed, he is pain free and can now shake his head. He is a returning leader, he is running a Rooted in Jesus group. He also testified that since using RinJ he was inspired to pray with his brothers for his parents; his parents were in conflict, his father drank and intended to move in with a mistress.They had the parents pray together, they are now reconciled and the father has stopped drinking; he has put the land deeds intended for his mistress into the name of his wife’s children”.
  • “One man testified today that he is the youngest son of a witch doctor and so destined to inherit his powers. The young man did not want this, he felt burdened by his parents’ unrighteousness. He testified today that Jesus has taken away that curse. He has received the Holy Spirit. We also had testimony of all the men in one dormitory praying together until 1am to find a lost phone; they donated their money to buy a new one, the phone was then found and the money is an additional blessing. We have seen God pouring out gentle love, releasing tears, reversing lies, bringing forgiveness, reconciliation and increasing hope for the future.”

We thank God for allowing us, from our various countries, to be part of his plans and purposes in our world.

Posted 30th September2014 by Revd Dr Alison Morgan