News from the Diocese of Lango, Uganda

Rooted in Jesus was introduced to the Diocese of Lango just under a year ago, in February 2016. The diocesan coordinator is Ronald Eguny, and Ronald has just sent us the following report.



“Rooted in Jesus
is taking root in the parishes. We have 48 parishes with Rooted in Jesus. Christians with whom I came in personal contact were very happy about the lessons they have learnt in RinJ, and there are a lot of testimonies as you read below:

  • Bosco at All Saints Boroboro said he can now read the Bible and understand it, he is able to share the word of God with friends without fear.
  • Dan said RinJ has given him courage to speak before Christians, and a bigger congregation.
  • Docus Adonyo said Rinj has enabled her to read the Bible clearly, and she can now open books in the Bible without any problem.
  • Betty owiny St Jaanani Okole said RinJ has enable her to pray for the sick.
  • Kevin Okeng said RinJ has opened her understanding; she can now respect her husband and make her home clean.
  • Betty Owino said RinJ has helped her to humble herself to her husband.
  • In Okole Judth Ongar, Caroline Odongo and many others are preparing to wed because of RinJ has challenged their life.
  • Betty from Angwetanwet said RinJ has helped her to teach her children and pray together as a family.
  • Denis Boroboro said RinJ has helped him to read the word of God which he used not to do it.
  • Obonyo Bosco said RinJ has helped him to speak the truth without fear.
  • Opito B said RinJ has made him to learn a lot of new words which he used not to understand, but now he can understand them very clearly.
  • Odongo George St Jaanani Okole said he is able to pray and welcome visitors at home, and also he can lead praise and worship with the teams.
  • RinJ has led to prayer teams in Angwetangwet church and many people are getting healed.
  • In Cura Parish RinJ members have stood with their friend who lost a close relative.
  • In Cura a RinJ member has written a drama which teaches others how to read the Bible.
  • In Adyel a RinJ member has preachd in all the services in the  first week, challenging those who have not yet joined.
  • Opio David has learnt how to preach the word of God.
  • Tonny is now happy because he can preach and lead the service without any fear.
  • In Ngetta Parish the RinJ members have weeded the bean of the parish priest, showing solidarity in the ministry.
  • In Amach Parish, Betty said RinJ has touched her to forgive her friend who had done bad to her.
  • In Adyel Parish RinJ members have door outreaches to Christians and pray for the sick.
  • Rev Tonny Olet said, “RinJ is the power of the church to strengthen our Christians”.
  • Betty said, RinJ has helped her to grow spiritually and she can have a heart for reading the Bible.
  • Abongo Hosbert said it is through RinJ that he got saved and joined in holy marriage.
  • In Ngetta the RinJ members are visiting sick Christians in hospital with little support to help them.”

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Rooted in Jesus is run by The Mathetes Trust.