News from South Africa

We were delighted to receive the latest Rooted in Jesus news from Growing the Church, our partner organisation in South Africa, and would like to share a couple of items with you:

Reflection on the Rooted in Jesus Training held in the Diocese of Umzimvubu

A Rooted in Jesus conference was held in Umzimvubu, a diocese in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, with 65 people attending from 11 parishes. Canon Luthando Xhamlayo writes:

Spiritual Hunger and Thirst

“Generally speaking, one the clear indications that something is physically wrong with someone is when they lose their appetite. It is the same spiritually. To hunger and thirst for God is is the very root of our being. It is just the way God made us. Because this hunger and thirst is very basic to human nature, we constantly find ourselves seeking fulfilment somewhere else rather than in God. Unfortunately the replacement object leaves a void in our lives.

“This spiritual hunger and thirst manifested itself in the number of priests that we had at the training. We had about 11 priests who attended the event together with their congregants.

“The other sign of people who are hungry and thirsty for God manifested itself in the manner in which all attendees carried themselves. They participated fully and actively.”

A Tribute to Estelle Adams

For more than a decade, Estelle has served as the Provincial coordinator for discipleship in the Province of Southern Africa, and she has been at the hub of the ministry of Rooted in Jesus ever since. It has been a huge privilege to work with her during that time. Estelle began her well-earned retirement earlier this year, and we want to add our voices to the chorus of appreciation for her unstinting service and commitment to the ministry of discipleship.

Trevor Pearce writes:

“Estelle Adams retired from Growing the Church (GtC) on the 31st of July 2022, after 14 years of faithful service. She will always be remembered for her cheerful demeanour and excellent service towards all who engaged with the GtC office.

“How will I, and many of you remember Estelle?

  • As a faithful, Spirit-filled servant of God – such a gifted lady, yet so humble and unassuming.
  • She was a “Mama Hen” who always drew others under her “wings” when they were hurting or discouraged.
  • She was a team player who was always willing to draw others in and “grow” them.
  • Estelle played a significant role in helping GtC and AA make both a regional and global impact.

“From all across our dioceses we say, “Thank you Estelle!” May our Lord grant you a happy, meaning-filled and restful retirement. We all send you lots and lots of love.”

We join Revd Bruce Woolley, the director of Growing the Church, in welcoming Ketha Dube as Estelle’s successor.

To find out more about how Rooted in Jesus is used in South Africa visit our website. Growing the Church offers training and support for Rooted in Jesus and other ministries to find out more click here.

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